Tag: Strategy

  • Jelly Smasher

    Jelly Smasher

    Jelly Smasher is strategy game. In the Jelly world, only one can stay. You represent the blue one. Can blue jelly win? Dripping the jelly with it tactically enough, you may cause a perfect splashing chain reaction! So prepare your brains, ‘cause there’s some jelly busting to be done!Use mouse to play the game

  • the Island

    the Island

    Something strange is happening in the world, people disappear, and then bloodthirsty zombies return. Your task is to find out what is going on and who is behind it all. You go to the island that is the source of the infection and find out what is really going on. Genre: – Strategy with elements […]

  • Super Kid : Perfect Jump

    Super Kid : Perfect Jump

    Lead your units to the final victory. They have started to invade the galaxy and destroy all life. The last hope…: the new Spaceship: BOMBER 2000. A powerfull weapon that should destroy the invaders, and end the stars war… But this spaceship is not finished yet. You must protect BOMBER 2000 from the invadersPlace towers […]

  • Tiny Blues Vs Mini Reds

    Tiny Blues Vs Mini Reds

    The “Mini Reds” are the bad guys and are trying to capture your most strategic militar base. You must stop them with your “Tiny Blues” troops. Be smart in your tacticals and choose the right units to beat the enemy. Lead the “Tiny Blues” army and defeat the “Mini Reds” ! You must defend your […]