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  • Stacky Dash 2

    Stacky Dash 2

    Just like many 3D stack cube arcade games, Stacky Dash 2 also requests you to collect as many cubes as you can on the track to the final platform. You will meet several maze platforms, that are connected with narrow bridges. When you overpass the bridges, you need to pay for some cubes you collected. […]

  • Mortal Brothers Survival Friends

    Mortal Brothers Survival Friends

    Have fun with this exclusive new game Mortal Brothers Survival Friends based on the story of Mortal Kombat two eternal enemies will need to work together to escape from the dungeons where they were exiled by Shang Tsung and now they will work to help each other !!! Play it and enjoy this kiz10.com game […]

  • Imposter Hunter

    Imposter Hunter

    There is an imposter among us, but who is him ? They are all hidden behind the astronaut suits, and you have to be careful with every one. Then, the only one choice is to battle, and to be the last man standing on the arena. Find the imposters, attack and destroy them. We can […]

  • Draw Master 2

    Draw Master 2

    Do you want to relax in peace and quiet? Draw Master 2 is a fun and casual free game for kids that is an online exercise for the mind. You need to fight off all the characters in the game to pass the level. Dozens of levels are waiting for you to solve. Can it […]

  • Rope Star

    Rope Star

    Rope Star is a very creative casual online game that is perfect for guys to play for free. The game is very easy to learn, you just need to use your imagination according to the above graphics, pull the string to spell the same graphics, to pass the level. The game must be completed after […]

  • Beautiful Toenail Salon – Pedicure Game For Girls

    Beautiful Toenail Salon – Pedicure Game For Girls

    Summer is the favorite season for girls, they can go to the beach to sunbathe in beautiful bikinis. But do you forget the care of your feet when you dress up? Going to the beach cannot avoid showing your feet. You don’t want your feet to be ugly and rough. Come and do foot care […]

  • Spiral Roll – Fun & Run 3D Game

    Spiral Roll – Fun & Run 3D Game

    Spiral Roll is actually a relaxation skillful arcade game that is made of 3D game art animation. You are allowed to make rolls from some special platforms. Theoretically, you are able to break almost all obstacles with rolls. It is time for you to create a new high score record in Spiral Roll!Tap or click

  • Ice Cream Cone Maker

    Ice Cream Cone Maker

    The Summer is so hot! Come and play this game ‘Ice Cream Cone Maker’, in this game you can make an ice cream cone by yourself to eat, have a try! Enjoy!Tap or click

  • Marie Prepares Treat

    Marie Prepares Treat

    Princess Marie loves to cook. Holidays are approaching and the girl decided to cook her boyfriend a delicious surprise. Join us and find out the recipe for delicious handmade chocolates. Use different types of chocolate: dark, white and milk. Add of nuts and a lot of culinary decorations: sprinkles, fruit, lollipops and much more! Then […]

  • Tri Peaks City

    Tri Peaks City

    Build a city by placing roads, train tracks and rivers while playing tri peaks solitaire. For every level you complete you’ll earn tiles that allow you to connect locations and unlock new levels. Work your way around the map to complete all 100 levels!Clear the deck of cards by moving cards that are either one […]

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