Tag: Jumping

  • Mortal Brothers Survival Friends

    Mortal Brothers Survival Friends

    Have fun with this exclusive new game Mortal Brothers Survival Friends based on the story of Mortal Kombat two eternal enemies will need to work together to escape from the dungeons where they were exiled by Shang Tsung and now they will work to help each other !!! Play it and enjoy this kiz10.com game […]

  • Dinosaur Jumper

    Dinosaur Jumper

    Welcome to our new game Dinosaur Jumper, which takes you back to prehistoric times. The little dinosaur has to jump, but not very high because if it jumps too high it will touch the bones and explode. The dinosaur needs to jump and stand on the platform. Each time the dinosaur stop on the platform, […]

  • Big FLAPPY Tower VS Tiny Square

    Big FLAPPY Tower VS Tiny Square

    Fling, flip, and FLAP your way over pipes and pits on your way to rescue your Pineapple in the 4th instalment of the Big Tower Tiny Square series! Having cloned himself and Pineapple, Big Square is back in an all new tower – can you reach the top of the tower to save Pineapple and […]

  • Super Kitsune Zenko

    Super Kitsune Zenko

    Ktisune Zenko Adventure is a wonderful jungle adventures game with super little fox as strong hero it combines the classical game play of retro games and some new skills of the adventure games with awesome levels! So you will be joining in thrilling world adventures to rescue your princess who is kidnapped by the evil. […]

  • Gogi_adventure2022


    Gogo Adventure 20022 – Interesting skill – arcade game. –°alculate the correct length to make a bridge for the main character, if you make a mistake he will fall and the game will end. Build a bridge of different lengths to another platform. Earn game scores and write it in your leaderboard. Good Luck!Mouse Or […]

  • Super Kid : Perfect Jump

    Super Kid : Perfect Jump

    Lead your units to the final victory. They have started to invade the galaxy and destroy all life. The last hope…: the new Spaceship: BOMBER 2000. A powerfull weapon that should destroy the invaders, and end the stars war… But this spaceship is not finished yet. You must protect BOMBER 2000 from the invadersPlace towers […]

  • Gullo


    Gullo is a 2D cute little platformer where you have to collect the chocolate donuts while avoiding the enemy monsters, ground saws and spikes and reach the red flag in order to go to the next level. There are 8 levels to play and the difficulty increases as you proceed.Use WASD or Arrow keys for […]

  • Towra 2

    Towra 2

    Towra 2 is a 2D platformer where you have to collect the keys while avoiding the enemies, flying creatures, spikes and saws and reach the tower in order to go to the next level. There are 8 levels to play and the difficulty increases as you proceed. This is the second installment of the original […]