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  • Baby Taylor Pet Care – Save Cute Animals

    Baby Taylor Pet Care – Save Cute Animals

    Taylor and Jessica want to experience community work. They find out the Pet Care Center needs care volunteers. So they go to be volunteers this weekend. The most common job here is to take care of the rescued animals. Taylor and Jessica don’t have any experience. But don’t worry. Volunteer Sophia will help and teach […]

  • Animal Shape Puzzle

    Animal Shape Puzzle

    Animal Shape Puzzle is one casual free online game for kids to play. According to the above, matching the little items blow. Various simple animal shapes here. Call your schoolmates and friends to battle!Mouse or tap to play

  • Nyan Cat: Space runner

    Nyan Cat: Space runner

    Race through candy-filled space with the internet’s best space cute rainbow cat in this casual platformer game. Nyan Cat: In Space lets you fly like the most famous rainbow cat in internet history. Guide Cute Cat through endless space avoiding evil space horrors like space dogs and collect intergalactic sweets.Use your mouse to jump and […]

  • Doctor Pets Online

    Doctor Pets Online

    In the world there are many different, important and necessary professions. One of such wonderful profession is a doctor. In this entertaining game, your clinic and you, like a real doctor, will take wild animals that are sick and who need treatment and emergency medical care. Your clinic is always ready to accept new patients. […]

  • Boss vs Warriors Fight

    Boss vs Warriors Fight

    You can choose one of the colorful characters in order to participate in the game Boss vs Warriors. Your character will race down the road, and catch up with ferocious monsters. At a certain distance, you can shoot and hit your enemies. But if the distance is lost, your only chance is to jump over […]

  • Ants Touch

    Ants Touch

    This is the best app that you can get list of paid games on FREE SALE – Download the App Now. Every week we will provide a BONUS SURPRISE GAME along with the list of free paid games and apps links here FEATURES – The “App of The WEEK” or “GAME of The Day”: discover […]

  • Bull Fighter

    Bull Fighter

    Experience Bull Fighting and be a Bull Fighter – The Matador. Spanish bullfighting is known for its sophistication and bravery, fighting deadly bulls to entertain millions of fans.Click to play

  • Talking Tom Memory

    Talking Tom Memory

    Welcome to the fun game Talking Tom Memory. The task is to remember and then open identical pairs. At the first level, there will be only two pairs. But on the tenth – twenty. At first, all the pictures will be open for a few seconds, so that you can remember their location. Then they […]

  • Cat Safari 2

    Cat Safari 2

    Create cute cats in the colorful animal app Cat Safari. Mysterious crates seem to appear regularly on a large abandoned field – and inside, each one holds an adorable kitten! Combining two of the same kind of cat yields something completely new – step by step, you’ll be able to breed unique new breeds of […]

  • Doctor Pets – Be Vet and Help Animals

    Doctor Pets – Be Vet and Help Animals

    Doctor Pets brings you a great chance to make animals healthy and happy again. Nature is home to a playful motley crew of animals. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and monkeys are looking for your help in a forest pet hospital. They need a doctor’s help and they need it right now!Tap or click